Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello Again!

Don't know if anyone really checks this any more since I don't write much. I was actually reading my cousins when I decided to write a short update. Not on my home computer so I will have to add pictures later. We are having a great summer. Robbie and I went to Mexico for a week. We needed a trip after all we have been through these past two years. The boys split their time here at home between Nana's and Granny's. They didn't miss us for a second. Robbie stays busy at work. I am also working 3-4 nights a week to help pay for private school for Avery in the fall. The boys and I go to the gym 4 times a week. There is a daycare there that they love to go to. I also take them on weekly trips around Macon. We've been to the summer movie program, Twin Oaks farm, Amphora pottery studio, Monkey Joe's, and swimming at Nana's pool. It's been nice to sleep in a bit and just do what we want. We are going to the beach as a family for Labor day. I have been feeling really good recently (knock on wood). Robbie celebrated his 30th birthday this year with a surprise party. Well that is a quick run down. Will try to upload photos soon. Until then you can visit our new web site at

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