Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Time Flys

It has been 2 months since I last posted a blog. and boy has there been a lot going on in the Dunn Family's lives. Avery started Covenant Academy in K-4 at the first of August and Ayden started back at Mother's Morning Out in his 2 year old class. Avery loves school and is learning a lot already. Each week, the class learns a new letter and with the letter there is a bible verse. On Fridays, the student has an opportunity to say the verse to the teacher. So far, Avery is doing great. He is a lefty, so the teacher has been working extra hard to help Avery learn to trace his letters and numbers. Ayden is learning his color and shapes. At his age, Avery knew so much more, but Ayden is getting it....Slowly. I am also starting a full-time job at a local hospital. I am excited. I begin on September 21st. I will be the admission/discharge nurse for four medical/surgical floors from 3p-11p. I will help out the floor nurses with admissions and discharges but won't take a full patient load. The hours are perfect for our family. Robbie is usually home by 4:00pm every day. We did hire a college girl to come to our home every day from 2:15 until daddy gets home to cover a short window in between our jobs. I don't have to work weekends or holidays, so that is nice. I get full benefits which are excellent when you work for a hospital. That is an answer to prayer because the benefits from Robbie's job would increase so much every year. Robbie is loving his job and he is staying very healthy. I have been feeling good too. I chopped my hair off. It is a whole lot easier to take care of. Well I will write more later. Hope everyone is well.