Monday, January 12, 2009

Glad the holidays are over!

I love the holidays, but this year was very busy. We had family come in town and we traveled. Add my job to the mix and I was very stressed this season. I am glad to get back to some sort of regular schedule. I have been working a lot more than originally intended. We have bills that we need to pay off, so I have been picking up extra shifts. It is starting to ware on me. I work 3 or 4 nights a week. Then I keep up with the house and take the boys to and from MMO. Plus cook meals for the hole week in advance to help Robbie on the nights I am not home. I am tired all the time. I just pray that I stay healthy because I don't have time to be sick.

We are in the process of enrolling Avery in Covenant Academy. We went to an open house last Thursday and we have an interview with the headmaster this Thursday. It is a really great school so we pray that he will be accepted. It is hard to believe that we will have one starting school next year. The boys have always been in some sort of school since they were 6 months old. We put them in MMO at a near by church so next year won't be too big of a shock for Avery. It will probably be more difficult on mommy than Avery.

Ayden is going through a tough stage right now. He is being very mean for some reason. I guess he feels like he has to be mean to keep up with his big brother. We pray it is just a phase that he will soon grow out of because I am tire of spanking him all day long.

I hope I will have the time to continue to blog on a regular basis.

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